Top Rappers Heavily Invested in Esports

- November 11, 2021 - -

Ten or fifteen years ago, no one believed in the early Esports industry. Many people simply couldn’t grasp how video games would turn into an almost major sport with dozens of active tournaments. In 2021, Esports is an industry of its own, with dozens of teams worth millions of dollars and tournaments with head-spinning prizes.

In the last few years, Esports has gained the attention of celebrities. Musicians and Hollywood artists have started investing in this booming industry or representing teams in other ways. Read the latest Esports news and you’ll find plenty of rappers hanging out with popular streamers such as Ninja or supporting one or another team.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise. Many artists are gamers themselves, and they’re now supporting a multi-million dollar industry that has finally broken through the atmosphere.

Below you can see the top rappers that are heavily invested in Esports.


The Canadian RNB artist and rapper is a big fan of sports and Esports as well. Not long ago, he joined a live stream hosted by Ninja along with Travis Scott, another successful rapper. They played a round of Fortnite: Battle Royale together. Later, Drake donated a generous sum of money to the Players’ Lounge, a place where Esports gamers can play friendly matches against each other with money on the line.

The Weeknd

The hottest RNB/rapper in the past couple of years has not been shy in support for the Esports community. In 2019, he was introduced as part-time owner of OverActive Media, the parent company of Toronto Defiant and Splyce.

In a press release, The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, said that he’s a massive Esports fan and is delighted to be involved with OverActive’s new projects.

Diddy (Sean Combs)

Sean Combs, the hip-hop mogul also known as Diddy and Puff Daddy in the past, is mostly active as a businessman these days. In 2019, he took his entrepreneurship to the next level by investing $30 million in PlayVS, an Esports start-up that helps high-school and college gamers get scholarships and enter competitions.

Not long after, the popular project picked up another round of funding, and Diddy was on the list of investors again. It seems that he’s set on seeing his new business venture succeed. With his resume, we’re sure it will.

Post Malone

Envy Gaming is one of the most successful teams in Esports. Earlier this year, a press release announced that famous rapper Post Malone has joined the ownership group. He’s acquired an undisclosed equity stake becoming co-owner of a team that’s made a splash in the Overwatch and Call of Duty Leagues.

While many see it simply as a business deal, Malone explained himself that he’s a big fan of Esports. He has streamed games on Twitch before, most often playing PUBG. He’s hoping to bring gaming into the world of professional sports, and with celebrities such as him joining the fray, we’re sure it’ll happen sooner rather than later.

Soulja Boy

In 2019, Soulja Boy announced intentions to start an Esports organization himself. Soulja Boy has already been invested in Esports by getting into streaming and competitive matches. He claims that Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is responsible for this, considering him his Esports mentor.

He had several job postings up for hiring talent, putting together a team for Fortnite, CoD, Overwatch, and CS:GO among other video games. The same year saw the launch of his personalized SouljaGame Console and playing a match of Fortnite against Ninja and Hysteria (Jacob Reiser).

While nothing has materialized so far, Soulja Boy intends to see this project live soon.

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