Stilo Magolide – More Lyrics

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Lyrics to More by Stilo Magolide

[Verse 1]
I want more ,I need more
Add a little more ****** in your ***
Tick , tick, boom
I’m bout to blow
And my whole gang ******
You know him, yeah that dude
He get it ******** a girl with a credit card
You know her , yeah that chick
Damn , damn, damn
Why poppy gotta go so soon
Why the summer so cold
Why these drinks so warm
Why these girls so hot
Why I gotta be ******
*** 2 to the 1 to the 9 0
**** with a horse ride
Everything designer
Cap with a tag
Kicks ****== that I got in Japan
Benz in the *******
Stacks ******
More stacks in the bank
A crib that I own that I ain’t gotta rent

The girlies they want some more
Magita we want some more
We want some more
Mama ubatla some more
Ubatla some more
Papa ubatla some more
Ubatla some more
Thina sifuna some more
Sifuna some more
Thina sifuna some more sifuna some more
Wena awufuni some more
Awufuni some more
Nawe awufuni some more
Awufuni some more

[Verse 2]
You know I’m the best but you front like I’m not
Your girl know my name so you ain’t gotta ask
Too dumb for game so you best call me ******
I’m coming for ***** and I’m making a change
Act like you know , if don’t know you know now
Drop it to the *************
Better bow down
I lay up,I’m on my way up
Never been to the gym
The reason that your girl want more
Reason that she pose like stilo
Reason that the people want me though
Reason at swag I’m a real pro
Reason that the weave is a no no
Reason all my hoes got braids though
Reason ***********
Tell me that’s reason enough


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