Scores soccer of the Serie A games is easy to watch via any gadget

- August 5, 2021 - -

A new season in Serie A is about to start. Now, you can easily follow all the interesting competitions on the sports statistics website. Open it – and scores soccer will be available for watching in a really convenient format.

Meanwhile, the teams are actively preparing for the new season. In particular, they are active on the transfer market. Fiorentina doesn’t fall behind its competitors either. Thus, in early July it was officially announced that the club from Florence signed a contract with Nicolas Gonzalez. The left-winger was transferred to the club from Stuttgart.

Gonzalez signed a 5-year contract. The Argentine cost Fiorentina 23 million euros. Quite a solid amount for the Violets, so they expect immediate results from him. It is easy to follow the newcomer’s success on the sports statistics website. Here, the scores of all soccer games are available in a convenient format. You can easily find out the latest news when using both a computer and a mobile device.

Last season was quite ambiguous for Fiorentina. The team managed to finish in the second half of the standings only. This is another proof that the club needs changes. The contract with Gonzalez, as well as Ribery’s leaving is the best demonstration that the club has chosen a new vector of the transfer policy.

Serie A live score: follow all Violets’ games

You can easily follow all the Violets’ games in a new campaign on the sports statistics website. Here, the Serie A live score is covered in as much detail as possible and accessible to all fans. As for Fiorentina, the club’s management probably expect that in the upcoming season the team will fight for places in the European Cup zone. However, this is extremely difficult since the competition in Serie A is extremely tough.

If Fiorentina really expects to challenge the established favorites, the team needs to continue contracting new players. At least several of its positions need strengthening. Only a high-quality and thoughtful transfer campaign can improve the team’s results.

Meanwhile, you can follow the live score of all Serie A games where the team participates. As for its strong points, which should help to achieve the awaited result, the following should be mentioned:

  • progress of many talented young players;
  • quite a good teamwork of footballers;
  • certain strong performers in the squad.

Open the sports statistics website – and all the up-to-date information about this team will become available. You can access this information round the clock.

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