Rollin’ Alone Lyrics

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Tiga Maine Ft. Robnori – Rollin’ Alone
Produced By Street Carnivore Beats

(Verse One)
I stepped down wit my Paisley Rag, and My Pants Sagged, and God Damn I Brag Cuz I’m On Mine. (On Mine) Killed it for a minute, Heart and Soul Grind.
Lyrics for the Critics, know you rose just to listen. (Oh)
Know the Dro’s in the system.
Witness, No condition but I’m whole when Lifted. (Oh)
Next to Blow. Gotta get it. (Get It)
Rewind. (Rewind)
Never missing out, This Mine. (This Mine)
Free Mind. (Free Mind)
Keep the B-S on the Stealth. Out of line wit it.
Intermittent with the Jabs all the time, Quit it.
Cause You out Yo Mind, Keep Me out them Lies, Fake Cries, That Demise just Fine GET IT.
I put my middle finger up. (Put’em Up)
And chase you out.
I’m feeling like I’m on the block. (On the block)
To drop you out.
I’m rolling.
(I’m Rolling – I’m Rolling)
I’m rolling.
(I’m Rolling – I’m Rolling)
I can do better without you. (Way Better)
(Verse Two)
Member, Know you member.
Down for Whatever, Now We Severed for the Better. (Yup)
Now I’m Fin’ get up. (Way Up)
Doubled Down.
Drowned under pressure.
Guess you was infatuated with the way I blessed Ya.
GOAT (Goat)
Nothing Lesser.
Faking Vendetta, but I met Ya like I left Ya.
WON’T (Won’t)
Hear a Lecture.
Breaking Up.
Can’t talk now bout to shake’em up. (Uh)
They Be Cutting Out like I give a ________. (Uh)
Im’ma set the Cell Down.
Kill the Sound Right Now. No Doubt.
Speak loud.
Haters Say What. (Hello)
Say My Name.
Say My Name.
Trained to spit Flames from the Brain through the Veins.
Lyrics Insane while you Lames look Mange.
In a Daze David Blaine.
T Maine Spit It.

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