Zingah – Green Light Lyrics

Lyrics For Green Light By Zingah Ft Wizkid

Girl you can pull up, it’s a green light
I’ll be mixin’, I’ll be sippin’ in the meanwhile
Think you get me
That’s why I let you meet the team now
Making movies I think I might take up screen writing if you with me
Since I was knee high
They never wanted me to win
Now I’m inside, getting litty
Everyday we live life
Pouring up and everyday we live life living litty

verse 1 [Wizkid]
Now I got a green light
Started chasing dreams when I was knee high
Pouring up and sippin’ now we live life
I will never stop before the red light
Riding a big Benz, rocking that big drip
Them so sea sick, them so big trip
No flaws, now we bossin’
Gucci bands, Gucci socks
Foot is flossin’
Money riding in a Benz
Tuesday make her bust it up on ?
She in love and she a fan
Look in my eyes, say she love me ’til the end


verse 2[Zingah]
Super star living in real life
I’ve been fucking it up since I was still young
Still a kid and
Now I’m chasing my dreams like
With the reallest, chasing millions with the team
I’m finna get it
I’m dripping sauce I feel like woah
They swimming on my dick like no
She think I’m inside
She saw me with Wizzy in the club in the VI
Sitting with him
So now she tryna pull up and I
Can’t let her do it ‘less I’m tryna do some’n
So she gotta pull up with something for my niggas too huh
We keep it simple, never doin too much
I hit her back like