Stogie T- Miss Joburg Lyrics Featuring Aka

Lyrics for Miss Joburg By Stogie T Featuring Aka

20 bottles coming my direction

Fireworks in the section
And the way you [? ], everybody knew

Diamonds are a girls best friend
Gold diggers in the night club
But I ain’t tryna wife none
I’m busy looking for the right one
So one I can spend my money and my time on
Big controller, why you wanna leave so soon?
I said Miss Jo’burg, why you gotta be so cruel? (Jo’burg)
She said the club scene is a temple
For all of us who lost religion
Live without regrets is essential, nothing is forbidden
(not a damn thing)
Calculating decisions, cuff your lady [? ]
She come to play, confiscate your missus
We flood the table with this and that bottle

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