Solo- Jubilee no’LigaMo Lyrics

Lyrics For Jubilee no’LigaMo by Solo

Jubilee no LigaMo, Jubilee no LigaMo
I think I miss you even more
When I make moves and people roar

[Verse 1]
I continue to do it for you
I’ve often disappointed myself
But I’d go to the ends of the world
If it mean that you’d see me shining
I’m clowning, for you
I treat this like an island
Gather with everyone I love
Try to give them all the treasure they desire
This is everyone that I ride with
They ride for me
If ever I was blinded
They’d sacrifice their eyes so that I could see
Tell me that they don’t deserve the world
Somebody gotta get it for ’em
And if that someone is me
Woe is me, any foe I seek
Is the fury of one thousand wars in the street
That’s a promise and you know how I get with those
Any opportunity to flex that loyalty muscle
Still the same people in the huddle dog
I just wanna show and prove ’cause I’m disdained
And rather than my share retribution
The shit changed I’d rather my contribution change shit
Flip page, basic, flaw that I’m laced with
Stubbornness I’m engraved in
I swear that I will change it to glory from flagrant
I put that on the very song I put your name in

Jubilee no LigaMo, Jubilee no LigaMo
In the memory of

[Verse 2]
Post 2014, still up in arms
Still fuck the police, growing up is hard
You’d think after ten years I wouldn’t hold a grudge
I hold you in high esteem, no admiration lost
For LigaMo, I let the liquor hit the floor
If it helps, wait!
Bit no spirit can match your spirit
Strike a match, burn a veld just to match your image
Be insane if I worked this hard and gave it up
We were just some kids praying we could be on Reggie’s rush
Then life was on some Quit Playing You Gon Need To Straighten Up
Yo I swear it’s like these days I’m addicted to staying up
I couldn’t take a break, never felt like I deserved it
No rest for the wicked, the determined and the sword smiths
I just had to pivot, people spoke rehearsed shit
Haunted by the college accolades I wasn’t versed in
I never meant t burst it, your bubble that is
I chose the most fickle, disingenuous course
Knowing that the troubles exist
But take a look now to lensizwa ewuziqhenye ngayo
I hope you’re impressed
I hope you’re satisfied
Before the clock starts to beat in my chest
‘Cause if that’s the race, if that’s the score
Besides the pace, full blown endure
I’ve been patient, seen it before
But could up the ante if you need more

Anything for Jubilee no LigaMo

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