Okmalumkoolkat – The Mpahlas Lyrics

Lyrics For The Mpahlas By Okmalumkoolkat

The Mpahlaz
I fell in love with the mpahlaz
Online I thrift with no budget
Cavva the combos amanzi
Drip Siph’ skorobho
Holding the key to the top
Combos the key to the top
S/o to Hip Hop
S/o to Spovas
That came to the shop
Uze ngesthombe lo
Uze ngok’thenga lo
Sekashintsile waskitel it top
Gcwala ngespova
Astshun’ ama flop
Astshun’ ama flop
M in the South with the styla gang
M with the spovas in Maboneng
Blom with the Boyzn in Braam
Blom with the spovas emakhoneni
Cavva my combo retarded
Alien should be deported
I started out as a laaitie
We were skilleting Italia
Ntwana masphand’ ijuphane
Skwazi nok’khipha no-cherrie yah
Rocking Sebago nemercerize
Mesha Macombo no cherrie ya
I fell in love with the mpahlaz
I fell in love with a spura
I call her spura maluda
I swear to God she is goddess
Umhlaba keeping her modest
Rei kawabuko x Yohji
That fire flame be emoji
Cava we super unloji
Über the eats to the pozi
Notification depozi
Pay me the Balenciaga
Sjambok I’m making that product
They ncanywa coz senza ama-other
They calling me Heavenly Father
Baba womswenko nestradi
The combos are communicating
I fell in love with the mpahlaz ( hook ) 

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