Notshi – My Lady Song Lyrics

Lyrics for My Lady Song By Notshi

ooh notshi my babe
my lady song

kea gago San
eh my lady song retsa
my bbe listen otlwa
first saw you
I was crazy like hell
Thought if maybe
I could approach you
would fell Ingizothi
I promise you
I don’t kiss and tell
But ka wena kea shelela
I love you like hell
I planed to approach
Mara me go tshaba
The more me go bona
me the more o ncharm’
Tryna get you off my mind
but goa gana I mean
in love with you

Mara o tla ngana
I love the way you
look at me
I like your smile
My love for you
is getting stronger
every time you smile
Please girl smil
e just smile for me
Depotsonono tsa ga papa
come and put it on me
Me to go go data
for as long o phela
every time ong’ touch
madi a mme a bela
san De.
fil kop o tla do bona din tena

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