Ndabezimnandi – Home Lyrics

Lyrics For Home By Ndabezimnandi

They say time is like a river with no certainty
But keep it flowing, you gon make it home eventually
Look in the mirror, mimic what you see vivid, the spitting image of what the world has turned your adversary
*Fix your face*
These times got prepping for adversities
Last week celebrated my parents anniversary
I know they would have loved to see me go to university
But Boston called me up and said ” ntwana here’s a bursary”
*Find your place*
My sites set on heights I don’t know if I’ll ever see
Pray pain hardened my heart so that I never bleed
If I die I pray I leave the system breached
Make my dad proud, he gave me the gene to preach
Mom’s kept me us her prayers watered all of the seeds
S/O to Zigi working month to month making sure we eat
Heavy on his shoulders, but he’ll say it’s not that deep, he’s a tree
Planted his roots so I could chase my dreams
Cursive how we connected
Straight face like I was unaffected
Moving undetected
Maybe I been infected
Yelling fuck the gate keepers like we just defected
Got so called friends that’s well connected, got me questioning the actual connection
Like who can you trust, the ones who say they’ll hook you up but never hook you up
That sit in conversations and never bring you up
Oh they’re your fans, got the link but never run it up
These days every sit down they’re talking publishing
So I had to sit down and learn what is publishing
Found out they could control all your shit with just 10%
So what you mean it’s only 10%
Maybe I fucked it up with my sense of entitlement
Wondering where my title is
Stuck in the cold hoping they invite him
Stuck in the cold, these days I’m catching vitamin O
I need to breathe, what I needed was some time alone
Still stuck in conversation with calls I shouldn’t have answered
Responding I’ll let you know to people I should’ve cancelled
Not sick, I sneezed cos I’m allergic to grasses
Maybe it’s snakes or maybe I shouldn’t have asked if
If you gon pay for me to show
* *** *

My mind takes trips
My mind just drift
To a time when there was more to life than this
I read that the world is yours on a blimp
While watching Scarface coz you know that’s the shit
Stuck in a place where nobody give you a lift
Contamplating going straight edge, cos that’s the fix
Bump the catalog Lord gave me a gift
Got me thinking bout the day when my mom’s womb ripped
Pops called me good news how prophetic
Mom’s cook that good food, she set the standard
Good wife, good life Pops told me that’s pathetic only way to make it work you need to fix your understanding
I mean granted, find what you love and take it home
Quarantine that shit, coz if they get a peace of it it’s gone
Do what you gotta do even when you’re in Rome
If they say you wrong, ask yourself if that’s really your home

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