Nadia Nakai – Love Lyrics

Lyrics For love By Nadia Nakai


[Verse 1]
Up in flames call it proplane
Put your name on my gold chain
Been thinking about the old days
Big body with me you and the homies
Man, I really miss the old you
What you saying, you saying it was Goku
Dragon Ball Z every time you roll through
No matter what we go through
You were always the go to
The real me, the one that’s always gon’ be me, completely
Not the one you seeing on your TV
Now these bitches asking me why are we beefing
Why you that nigga that’s always got me tweeting?
You got me fucked up
You make me sick as that love drug
Damn, I wish that we just fucked
I wanna hit this nigga with some nunchucks


[Verse 2]
I’ve been in love with you since we were fourteen
Now I wish that my heart was on morphine
Can’t even talk about how I’m coping
I should’ve pressed the [?] through the windscreen
Maybe then you might’ve been able to see me
When I’m bleeding, can you tell me how I’m feeling?
We speeding, all I hear is screaming
Deceiving, this is the first time I really see him
Man, you got me fucked up
The bruises hurt and you got me drugged up
Imma fill up the bath tub, and sink below till my heart stop

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