Muzi – Sondela Forever Lyrics

Lyrics For Sondela Forever By Muzi

Bang’tshela ukuthi uwumpetha
Sondela ntombi, sondela
Bangtshela ukuthi uwumpetha
Sondela ntombi, sondela ntombi

Zulu man now got some big teams
Been around the world that’s a big ting (Ishu!)
Empangeni boys 0-3-5 gang (Sho!)
Passport full that’s a big stamp (Igcwele, Igcwele)
I can take you there, I bet you’d love that
Need to save first money in the bank
Picnic boys bring that orange juice
Pillow talk I got a lot of news

[Outro : Chris Martin]
*Piano Solo*

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