Kid Tini – DOA Lyrics

Lyrics For DOA By Kid Tini

Darkness of the night
Will you lead me astray
Reaching for my life
You see something in me
Can’t get you off my mind, no
Ah haa
Something strange is coming over me
He’s right beside me, going…

verse 1
Walking while running outta options
I could Uber to the other side of town
But my battery life is on…
Let me check, shit
It’s on two percent
It ain’t nearly enough
Like the cash I got in my pocket
That’s when I see someone stoppin’
Hopin’ this niga God-sent
And this be the procedure
She roll the window down
I sense some evil demeanour
Man I should turn around
But where’m I goin’
It’s two AM in the morning
Fuck it, I’m being paranoid
Voice in my head tell me
Chill, Stop Being Hella Moist
He looked me dead inthe face
Asked me, Do You Need A Ride
So I hop in, I’m just hopin’ I’ll be alright
So Where You Goin’
I told him and he just started laughing
Said You’re In Luck
‘Cause That’s Exactly Where I’ll be Passing
I get a sudden sense of relief
And relax a little
Smile on his face reassured me
That I could trust a nigga
So we riding, while on the way he be cracking jokes
We chuckle up, reach for the dash and he pass me smokes
We spark it up, approaching the gas station
He asks if I mind waiting
I said Nah, still uneasy
‘Can’t help it, my mind racing
So I waited, grateful that I made it this far
He got out, and that’s when I started searching the car
Wondering what I’m in for
I’m tryna find some info
Who this nigga, what’s he plannin’
And what’s he so kind to me for
As I’m going down this rabit hole
I found some documents that were inside his cabbin hole
I found his ID
Dating back a hundred years or so
Thinkin’ I’m trippin’ or something
This gotta be a joke
He walkin’ back and I can’t help but notice his pale skin
He lookin’ back at me with that same grin
Open the car, came in
Gae me a drink and told me not to worry
He got me covered
So I thought he wouldn’t do me dirty
But I still wondered


verse 2
So I let it go and keep it moving
Engine runnin’ and we’re movin’
Askin’ if he got some music
He said Nah, he’s under the doob hit
I said Nah Nigga, Play The Music
You Ain’t Got None, Nigga Bullshit
Here I Got Some, It’s Some New Shit
I’m like Who This
You Stupid, This’ Drake
You Know Jay
Like The Blueprint, Magna Carta Holy Grail
I can see he don’t relate
I could see it in his face
Thinking this is kinda strange
So I ask about his age
He said he twenty five
When, back at seventy five
We laugh it off
He hit the gas so I buckle up
We going fast, What The Fuck Is Up
He like Chill Nigga
Fuck How You Feel Nigga
You Needed Help, Going Through Hell
And You Met A Real Nigga
And so we kept on talking
And we had some thing in common
Told me ’bout life and conspiracies
How he searching for inner peace
He had an empty gaze
Staring at the road so eerily
I’m tryna hide the fear in me
Running from the inner me
I take a closer look at his features
Skin looked like he bleached it
Hand ashy and his nails were the cleanest
And a certain smell emerged out the blue
But then he just couldn’t smell it
That’s the price I had to pay for convenience
Now the headlights flicking from the other side o traffic
Made me notice cataracts in is eyes
I’m thinking that’s it
Nigga Pull Over, I’ll Be Fine Here
He said We Almost There
Nigga We Almost Where
He said Do Not Despair
Before I knew it
We were at a memorial site
Told me that’s where he died and so would I
I watched him age right in front of me
And got younger right after he
Dragged me out the car and hit my forehead with a shovel
He said This’ What’s Become Of Me
I’m Grateful For Your Company
Thanks For The Recovery
And as I try to ask him please…
[spade hits… spade starts digging]

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