Emtee- I Try Lyrics

I yiyiyiyiyyiyi (ATM let’s go)

I try
To do what I can and give the best in me
I try
I do anything for you coz you were there for me
When I cry
I swear ,for real
I try
To be a good kiD to the folks yeaaa

Mama just look at who I become yea
Is such a feeling to know I’m your son
Mama just look at who I become
Is such a feeling to know I’m your son

Verse 1
So many people have changed on me
Less love but the hate on fleek
I never been a fake hommie
They puttin a lot of weght on me
But that’s nothing
I’m that youngin
Gangstars love me,and I got the trap jumping
Pull up at the field
Dabbing with the kids
Give em a lil hope yea and that’s something
Yea,I’ve been through the worst
The pain and stress and the hurt
Told ma self this aint what I deserved
Had to make sure, a youngin was hurt
Through the hunger the drought and the thirst
I was close to lay in a hearse
Its funny how I got saved by these verses
Show respect my name written incursive I prayed in them churches
Mama was there for me
Some hommies didn’t care for me
But that helped me choose friends carefully
And I was never treated specially
Ngavuka ngaphanda
Lasuka lahlala
Besphusha ngamandla
Bevusa amacala
Kunzima nok’lala


Verse 2
Regular niggas be hating on me
They congratulate low key
Acting like they know me
Like we back in the day hommie
I’m living my dream hope Manando can see me
I wish le fatse was easy
They ask for money they saw me on TV
When all I wanna do is give to the needy
I never had nothing how can I be greedy
I’m working hard I don’t want a freeby
Ngphuz’ilean ngamacup amabini
On the beach overseas nabo Minnie
I’ve been thinkin bout it umthongo abfiki
I have big dreams nami I’m tryna run my city
You don’t know what it takes to be the king
I put my son and fam over everything. Yea
Ngyazama nam
Noma bedlala ngam
Kyafana man
Syaspana la
Nawe uyabona syazamazama
(Hook till end)

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