Elizee & Elohim – On God (Remix) Lyrics

Lyrics For On God (Remix) By Elizee & Elohim Ft Indigo Stella & Lnlyboy

Elöhim, you home?”
[Verse: Elizée]
Man fuck a man trolling me and Elöhim [?]
First and last time you might hear me cuss
On the record, there sure is the destruction
But fake niggas always make an assumption
That’s why they broke and they asking for deductions
I apologize, but that ain’t how we function
Gotta pay the full price for production
The rap game didn’t come with no instructions
So why you self steady footsteps fo’ you rush shit
On God, Ok, we the realest niggas out, no fakes, [?]
Cash going down the drain, Cause all you do is join
But you don’t ever start a wave
Made a whole lot this year, thank the Lord
Niggas thought, they were in the lead, check the score
Wait up, Tell T-K press record, document every win
They can’t kick it with the boys now

[Hook: Elizée]
Just got off from the break, man I had to take time for a while and touch base, On God
Damn near, I almost drop the rate yeah I’m sorry for the wait but I’ll never be replaced, On God
Pay it up quick, no delay, I ain’t got time to play
Nigga why you gotta take so long
You don’t know I’m all about the pay
Take time, get it raised, I ain’t tryna’ play it safe, On-

[Verse: Lnlyboy]
I ain’t got no time to pretend, On God nigga
All my niggas up what you saying?
Old friends tryna’ hit me, got no time for no mans
Man fuck all you niggas tryna’ aim for my ends
O-X-I till i die nigga [?]

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