Blaklez – I Have No One Lyrics

Lyrics For I Have No One By Blaklez

Picture me dead, give my enemy the sweetest joy
Bitter taste in the mouth every time they see the boy
Battling demons and Jesus saying free the boy
Diablo, tryna hop in, play with the meanest toy
I’m sorry that I couldn’t deal with the heart break
I’m sorry you couldn’t find light in my dark phase
I’m dope so you need people like me
I’m Scarface, I’m sorry I’m disgusting
What I spit got a sharp taste
I’m sorry that I’ve been an underdog my whole life
I’m sorry that I’m secretly tryna take my own life
I’m sorry that when I’m by myself I drink the whole night
I’m sorry that I don’t believe that I’ll be alright
I’m sorry that I ain’t Mr Carter
I’m sorry ain’t got Beyonce
Sorry that I’m an ain’t-shit father
I’m sorry that the accolades ain’t been a part of my career
Ain’t got money, it made shit harder
I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I’m sorry
I’m sorry that I can’t change the fact that I have to be sorry
I’m sorry that self doubt’s a part of me
I’m sorry that the plans that I made feel like I played the lottery
Well, life tried to kill me with depression
To protect myself I use music as a weapon
Gets so dark that I can barely see the blessings
When life tried to teach me I could barely see the lessons
Real talk, this is heart break on a weekend
This shit is Arsenal without no defense
Feeling like a sidekick without no pretence
My mind is fucked up, body language don’t speak sense
Oh man this shit ain’t even worth my time
I swear to God you people ain’t even worth my rhymes
Where was God when the devil tried to hurt my mind
I carry my people so much that it hurt my spine
I keeps it real when reality escapes me
I try to speak the truth, everybody call it hate speech
I’ve been Breezy since Rihanna got her face beat
I watch people make up room, it’s like a facebeat
I’m the king but the throne’s unfamiliar
Chasing the dream, still looking for a million
I say fuck life but the bitch on her period
The sun go down on a chief, Khama Billiat
I just wanna say thank you to my loved ones
Thank you to my foes even if I never loved one
I got enough clout for a grand exit
But I’mma move on and try to plan my next shit
What a ride, yeah, it’s been fantastic
Drop subliminals leave the fans feeling desperate
I gotta thank them for emotions they invested
I hope when my time’s up, I leave the game restless

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