Benchmarq – GQ Lyrics

Lyrics For GQ By Benchmarq

My drip looking like GQ
Ey nigga, what’s the issue
Got her chilling in a see-through
Kickin’ it, Ju Jitsu
I’m finna pull up in a parachute
Goin’ nuts on the daily, no cashew
Let me sneeze on a bitch, bless you
If she come for a day she confess too, bless you

verse 1
I’m probably gon die ballin’
I’m all in, not a job, it’s a calling, pays me
Hape I do this on the daily, water sign
Always got the flows with me, wavy
I’ve been on the flows, I’m the navy
Light bars nigga, click bait, pay me
I’m more Wayne than the Brady
My underground gang working overtime
Now we’re mainstream
Do what I want carte blance McFarlane
Sign to my own black lable, nigga Carling
Cava the combo, thought I’m just sparring
Y’all can’t touch this, I’m disarming
I’m a rude awakening, I’m alarming
My bars always connect like phone charging
Still hungry, like a come up, I’m starving
Still ’bout it, for the bands but no marching
Y’all haters, to the point you’re point guarding
Fuck y’all and y’all bitches, you’re just barking
She bends your rules for me, she’s arching
You’re not feeling small, I’m enlarging


verse 2
We can talk about it if you hate on my connect
Met a chick, she got ass and she got a rubber neck
Got my cards on the deck bitch, if you wanna bet
Hella ripe everyday, I can never take what’s left
Take a sec, who the best nigga, who gon pay your tab
Yeah I’m all about the fam but I gotta cut a cheque
King sippin’ gin, find me in the lion’s den
Do it for the bank, I don’t do it for the gang
If it’s white, it’s Hannah Montana for the gram
The only thing I don’t give gotta be a damn
I don’t beef and you don’t wanna see me go ham
She wanna give me head, she gon need a cat scan
They know me for making moves but never saw me dance
K.O niggas with no tear gas
Can’t sleep on a nigga when you’re high on meds
Change gon come if you make some sense
See me, see class, nigga, no Benz
Free data make niggas tweet some crap
? straight on the JnB Met
Fuck those bitches who stole my pants


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