Amanda Black & Joey B – Round & Round Lyrics

Lyrics For Round & Round By Amanda Black & Joey B

Love makes the world go ….
Love makes the world go looo
It takes you high and brings you down
It takes you high and brings you down

Spinning round,round,round
Round, round,round,round round

She wants the love, i got you babe
The kind of love, i got you babe
she saw my twitter,she saw my pictures
I like to please her,she is such a lady
Do you wanna be my lover for tonight
Or you wanna be my partner for life

…. call you babe, hey you know you drive me crazy
I know you want me, i know , i know you want me
You like flowers and you like clothes ,
I gave rings anyway i would go
Fly away to this planet, 3.2.1

Singing round, round, round and round
Thathi sandla sambabe, sibonnisane ngalothando
Inthliziyo yam ngeyako, who wil … for real
Uyabona angifuni omunye, ndibona wena wedwa qhaa
The way you hold my baby love
… this is for real
This world keeps spinning round
It makes me feel like im loosig my mind again
Knowing that you by my side, it makes me feel good

Spinnin round,round,round
Spinning round,round round ,round
Round, round,round,round

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