AKA – Fully In Lyrics

Lyrics For Fully In by AKA

Pardon me for the drama
I put niggas in trauma
Couldn’t penetrate the armour
Now they drinking sugar worda
Birth of the sun ah
Head shots to this on like can’t stop when own the sweatshop
Don’t clap

Everybody gather have a drink
I could probably get a dummy t
Did i ever meet them baller
TKZee family
Start a fight with the boy
Halloween (trick a treat)
Thats guaranteed she bumed

We ain’t suppose to be on magazines
None of this shit was normal
Started checking out for overseas
Pretty queen but all you
Niggas gon be niggas, bitches won’t be loyal
Contracts set freaked-
Top piece like what!

Sexy.. you understand ah
I’m in the section
I’m flexing
You pay attention. I pay my taxes
Bando, you hold the candle
More now relent my statue to international
You flying bango
Your baggage goes through the
I make the she cozy
She feeling used
Her issues
Bout the bullshit
Lil Boosie confuse me
Take up my Gucci, take off my jewlery
Extol me

I put this on my mama
Pussy niggas all up in ma face like balaclava
What’s a Rand to a Dollar?
Is it gon what you
Big boys… don’t cry
Try to work in my shoe size, it’s too tight!
Don’t don’t lie
Lightening, gunshot, mother fucker

Fully in, fully in
Fully in, fully in
Fully in, in a jet
Fully in Fully in
Bullet proof in a Benz
Feeling plain aims
At the roof
Shoot to kill
Fucking …
Body bags, money bags
Money in da banks, Money in da banks
Fully in, fully in, fully in
In the jet
Bullet proof in a Benz
Feeling plain aims
At the roof
Shoot to kill
Make it Make it

Say my name or write it down
How many comments it might count
I work in the Louis about that
I tell ya mama i will buy a house
I’m the funny figure now

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