AB Crazy – Omika Lyrics

Lyrics for Omika by AB Crazy

Omika they just wanna play us
They say that money don’t make us
But amma pay purchaser yeeeh
And I’m ready when the time comes and its time I’m on my own
Happy days are here let the sun shine yeeeeh (2 times)

I wrote this song for the little ones that support us
Thought of young soldiers
Creeping and tryna blow us
They give us money these people they wanna own us
There is so much love in the family but there’s no trust
I don’t trust

Devil on my radio try to ignore us
I used to be scared of the snakes but not anymore
And we keep on moving sing till they applaud
Unto the Lord be the glory you never fall
Let me say…
(Back to chorus)

Were I am they wanna sell us dreams
They don’t know that you the like you the creep
Sometimes it gets hard and its okay to cry for that life you know you’d do anything
Time go heal and everything (ohhho)
And me go lose God ram(ohhho)
He go’ make the thing go away
Turn the side and go dance go’ change

Back to chorus
One day they gonna see us
Omika stay in prayer (yeeeey)

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