A-Reece – Kim Kardashian lyrics ft Wordz & Ex Global

Racks on me
Just need a safe then I’m safe
Crush your hearts twice when you speak on my name
Hardly go out, I get paid to show face
And I cop a new crib every year to get space
Three storeys up I forgot I got neighbours
I just woke up, she all on me she’s naked
If I hit her up she gon dash like Stacey
Smoking on [?] my bag full of flavours
Racks on me just need a safe then I’m safe
Hope you got racks when you talk on my name
Summer 18 and I’m apeing like big
When you copping Versace, I’m copping that vase
Getting the bag when I hop on the stage
And I knew this a hit when we got on the bass
2019 we need acres on acres
Your bitch will get naked don’t worry ’bout neighbours
Chasing my dream and I’m focused on paper
Done with the favours, I won’t meet you later
Wild little bitch and she dashing the pussy
See I told her to stop and got Gia to do me
Tat on my chest, I inspired you boys
Talking ’bout figures, you’re making a noise
Told you to wait, yeah there’s more for you boys
My swag on trip
She down my chain but already she knows
That is fifty racks for a show
This shit gon make that pussy just drip from down below
So I’m fucking her for her soul

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