A-Reece – A message from A-Reece Lyrics

Lyrics For A Message From A-Reece By A-Reece

Some shit is out boy
Am playing some crazy shit
Ou yeah we stay out here
Same adress, Same loca’y
You don’t know what!
Yeah Uh
Is 20 20 25 this site man
One nigga is using that cap
It tough out here
(it tough man)
[Verse ]
Rubberband gang gave me hunnid and fifty, I’m cashing it out
They notice the difference, I’m out from the one
I’m mentioned when loyal came out
Don’t even feel pressure to show the shit off
Imma let you assume I juss chill at the house
Nobody caught up, Caught at the southernl
And I make it snow and not in her mouth (yeah)
It’s funny how we gotta log in apps just to know what you about
This rack on me speaks for itself and it’s not in a mood to be talking shit out
They play me on radio even though I can do better without (yeah)
Some niggas pay for their radio play on the low
They maneuver around like a mouse (yeah)
Was never interested in taking that out (yeah)
You doing too much but ain’t getting enough from it all that’s [?]
Studio lit I got ghoust in the cut and theres no passing out (yeah)
Am here for the commas and O’s
If I do not trust you, I’m crossing you out

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