Khuli Chana – Mnatebawen Lyrics

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Lyrics to  Mnatebawen By Khuli Chana


He, e (x5)

He, e (x4)

Ho mnatobawen’

Ho mnatobawen’


He, e [x5)

He, e [x4)

Shapo ka wena (o shapo ka nna)

Gana ka wena (o gana ka nna)

Ho mnatobawen’ (ho mnatobanna)

Ho mnatobawen’ (ho mnatobanna)

Ho mnatobawen’
[Verse 1)

Wa pepe, wa pepe, wa pepe, wa peperega

I get it, I get it, I get it

coz nna keya yetsa

I’m grindin’ bosigo, ge, ge,

get paid in the daytime

I’m lovin Modimo coz

He make sure that I get mine


On my Aye, Aye, Aye,

A-Game He, e [x2) He, e [x4)

Shapo ka wena


[Verse 2]

Wa pota, nthalefele

Why frownin, while I’m smilin

Why you minding, why you filin

Eat the bigger fish

I’m fryin Yeah I said it,

Looking at me like kebua nthwe silly

I wouldn’t test me if I were you

I’m illest Been talkin about tumin twenty-two to a million


Ka leleme num, never see me come,

Never see me run, R.I.P DJ Khuli done!

He, e…


[Verse 3)

Ke jele my legendary two piece suit and looking muhle,

One hand in my phokoto the other movin unit.

No time for the bull crap, for the chit chat wanna keep it movin,

Ten years living this size would make em, but santse le sa suite


He, e [x4)

He, e [x2)

He, e [x4)


The strong be silent Shhhhh….

Twin be too grown, be quiet

Didimal, phumula ma minanyana

Beat’nyana, woh but you cannot read between the lines

You need to go ng’skimanyana, teach you how to deal’nyana

Hustling just anityou, gopola to just stay true and just do you

Sunday’s just wont do, I never do whatthey do, I keep my cool



The Harmony

Shapo ka nna Gana ka nna

Ho mnatebanna

Ho mnatebanna

Gana ka wena

Ho mnatebawena


Ho mnatebawena

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