Cassper Nyovest – Strive Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Tired of rapping about things I don’t have
Can I share a little truth?
Oh where’s my manners?
May I paint a picture in this booth?
My name is Cassper
And hey, I ain’t a king, I’ve been this cool
Since missing school with wicked dudes
Who used to tell me that my lyrics smooth
They were robbing innocent rich people, can you blame them?
They told me I should chase my dream in order to save them
They told me if I could make it out
I could show all the kids it’s possible to make it count
I’d be a role model, my name would be celebrated
Cassper Nyovest, got in the room and meditated
I knew that it was possible, calculated obstacles
The only thing I lacked was patience, like empty hospitals
Should I, should I do it?
Man I could beat the books, no report
My hood is filled with crooks, and no support
Bare success ke tla e peleta, since binnekant
But being good to those who bad to you builds character

Strive, strive to get what you want (x2)
I can’t wait ’til we on (x2)

[Verse 2]
Now I’m out here, a couple initial hits
I’m trying to feed mouths here not touch your precious tits hey
You on the couch there?
Ska tlo ithetsa hier
Moving from the hood to the burbs ain’t the best of it
Time and again I’m seen as lucky
Carpo e ka nna paki, gore ga ise ke etse zaka
Maar ba oketsega bo cousy,
Bo malome mang-mang, bo hey, ne ke go leira,
Not to be rude, but honestly ga ke go cave space’a
Where were you when I was squatting at Nissy’s house?
Dikoloto di pile’a te meer not a bietjie, huh?
I had to hide when our father came, he ra di ira
‘Til I was accepted with open arms ke nna kwa lapeng
And now I’m about to get my own place, Outdoing my own race
To hell with popularity, me, I got my own taste
Almost did the two chains, just to get too paid
But I’mma stay real, ’til I make real money

Strive, strive to get what you want (x2)
I can’t wait ’til we on (x2)

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