Captain Vee _ NgqMakho Lyrics

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I spit VIRAL till the end of it

Don’t put the “Vika” keep it lit

No Weights for a nigga, Stones keep me fit

Ask any genitor, Vee’s the sh!t

Got them wrapped around ma finger like a Pinky Ring

Boy I been Nice, that the thing

Same reason I got fellas all up on ma Grill

For they’re chicks, being all over my D-ngiling…

Like this other Nurse I got, her head is pretty sick

Had ma hair on her face like Ricky Rick

Xhosa Boy from EC, Im ma own Clique

Think I’m better than these cats? That is so Me !

I’m the last one left

I’m your second chance

The one to make things right, given the circumstance…

Of having garbage in the radio like PIKI TUP bags…

I’m here to change all that,

I’m here to change all, take a trap beat and put a ProVerb content.




When I step on, with ma niggas

When I step on, chicks blowin’ ‘em kisses

We all about digits,

Want plenty paper like scissor-cut pieces

You know how it is B, I handle ma biznis…

Ndiphum’ Emagqabini, I just wanna win

I put fellas on the bench njenge Couple eParkin’

Boy I been about the paper since I was a Teen

Ma Steez always mean

Ma whole Game is on that Steve Harvey tip

When I leave k’khala Omama naBantwana

When I flex K’khala OoNyana namaTaima

K’yacaca mfeth’ ndaqal’ Ureppa ndisengumntana

Cause ndidlala ngama gama ingathi abhalwe “Made In China”

Punch lines, Baby Jack Matlala

I spit a line, Kats ziyalaqaza

Number7 on that NO.1 spot ziyagcwala





I style like Ghost and I’ma writer

Rough and I’ma Rider

Lay it like a plumber boy, ask your baby mama

7 is the Number

Servin’ as your Karma

Poison yeRhamba, same colour as the Mamba

Lie? Not the Numbers

Hot like the Summer

I got a face for TV but I’m not about the DRAMA

I’m ‘bout the 1&2s, I’m them 2 Pulls

I’m ‘bout them Nice broads and hangin’ out with Skooled Goons

I’m ‘bout paying dues, I’m not ‘bout paying hoes…

Let them other fellas do it though

I’m mini and I need the money more

Skinny boy kickin’ doors

Angen’ amanzi endlin, honeys all wet on the floor

They wanna get it on, I just wanna get the dough

I’m the bottom line and bottom line they wanna eat ma balls




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