Zakwe Lyrics

Ntokozo Zakwe is a musician born and bread Kwa-Mashu a beautiful township in KwaZulu Natal. He went to Brettonwood High School where he completed his matric, he understood the importance of being young gifted and educated.

“I cater for people who want to listen, learn and have knowledge more than anything. I always make sure what I say to people is relevant. I strongly believe hip-hop is a culture and rap is the music within the culture, my music has that poetic feel, since as rappers we are street poets. My music is all about black consciousness, educating people, day-to-day life ekasi, breaking extra-ordinary concepts etc. I’ve been a self-reserved person, if I encounter any problem I just find myself writing, so this here is my life. After some time I started writing poems and realized after meeting my producer, Kay Master in 2004, I can feed my family and feed the nation with knowledge through Rap Music.”

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