Biography Hi MY NAME IS YO-LANDI VI$$ER. I was born in small town on the East coast of South Africa, called Port Alfred. I was adopted when I was a baby by a very cute little Afrikaans family. My dad was a priest and my mom never had a job. They were very conservative Afrikaans folk. Coming from a small town and growing up in a strict Afrikaans society I naturally rebelled against all that shit as much as I possibly could. I grew-up playing my favourite cd’s of bands like Nirvana, Bjork, PJ-Harvey, Cypress-Hill, Eminem, Nine-Inch Nails, 2 Unlimited, Hard Rave etc.

I liked any music that was loud, fresh, nasty, hard, soulful, dark, fututistik and fat. I also love Celine Dion. I never wanted to fit in with the normal society rulz stuff. All i knew when I was growing up was that I neva wanted a 9-5 job. I couldnt handle any -one telling me what to do especially my parents. I moved out of the house when I was 16 years old to city called Pretoria and went to a new school. One of my new friends there, Markus, made electronic music on fruity loops, and he was really good at it. He use to record me saying stuff and mix my voice into his tracks.

I liked the sound of my voice and I became attracted to the idea of making music. But I had no idea how to rap or what the fuck I was doing… After school I moved to Cape Town. In Cape Town I met Ninja and my life changed forever. When NINJA heard my voice on some songs that my friend Markus had made, he wanted me to join his rap group. But I was very green and new nothing about music. Ninja said he will train me. It wasn’t an easy journey for me becus I came from nothing. But NINJA said I had the attitude and the flava and he believed in me.

I stuck with NINJA since the day I met him. He taught me evreything I know. Ninja pushed me and pushed me and pushed me to be the BEST. I have been rapping for just over 7 years now. I have made 2 albums so far, $O$ and TEN$ION. I chose my rap name as YO-LANDI VI$$ER becus Yo-Landi is the most common Afrikaans name ever. I know like 39 different Yolandi’s and I thought that was funny. I also like the sound of the YO in the name. I’m touring the world at the moment and seeing all the coolest shit + having the time of my life and getting paid to rap on stage. I never knew that this would be my destiny. But 5 years ago when I started DIE ANTWOORD with NINJA and DJ-HI-TEK I finally found my true calling in life: A ZEF-RAVE-RAPPER. I love Die Antwoord more than anything.


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