Winnie Mashaba Lyrics

Winnie Mashaba grew up in the Limpopo Province at Steelpoort (Kgosi Phasha) and began singing when she was still in primary school. Her passion for singing and belief in her ability to impact South Africa’s always vibrant Gospel music scene led to Winnie leaving school in 1998, determined to follow her heart.

“My mother was supportive of me because she had heard me sing over the years at school and in choirs and knew that my voice was a gift from God that I really needed to use. It was she who introduced me to Solly Moholo, who I must thank for giving me a start in the music business.”

Moholo is a legendary South African Gospel producer, songwriter and artist in his own right, and when Winnie travelled to the South African capital city of Pretoria to sing for him, it did not take him long to get Winnie into a recording studio.

The result was Exoda 20, released in 2000, and an album that ignited the Gospel music scene, showcasing Winnie’s extraordinary mature voice, one that is capable of carrying a myriad of emotions and uplifts those who come into contact with it.

Exoda 20 sold gold (25 000 units) and marked the start of Winnie’s recording career, one that has flourished ever since and seen the release of an album a year over the past five years. The 2005 album is O Tla Ya Kae? Which again provides a platform for Winnie’s striking voice and messages of inspiration and hope. Winnie herself co-wrote most of the material on the album with Faxa Dube and in the producer’s seat this time around is another South African master of the genre, William Dube.

A committed member of the Zion Christian Church, Winnie’s music is created with a diverse audience in mind. “My music is deeply spiritual and reaches people in the ZCC, Christians of other denominations and music fans who love Gospel music.” She sings in several languages, among them sePedi, isiZulu and Shangaan.

“My music is all about reviving the souls of those who listen to it, those with broken spirits,” Winnie explains. “I also talk about issues facing the country, like crime and HIV/AIDS, and give people advice on how to deal with them so it is also empowering. Of course, many of my songs are simply praise songs to God.”

Asked why her fans (spread from South Africa, Lesotho, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe right up to Botswana) love her music so much, Winnie says “it’s because people know that I am a loving person”. “Whether in my professional or personal life, I accommodate everyone and strive to make people happy.”

She is a seed from the North, transplanted to Gauteng where she has been nurtured so well that she has bloomed into a rare and beautiful flower, the dewy petals and dizzying fragrance of which captivates everyone.

Albums Record:

1. Exoda 20
2. Lefu le tshabehang Ellis Park Stadium
3. Motswalle se bapale ka kereke ena
4. Bonang Lerato
5. O tla a ya kae
6. Thola Ngwaneso
7. Winnie Mashaba in Concert (DVD)
8. (Ditebogo) Ke a letshaba lefatshe
9. Ke Rata Wena
10. Joang Kapa Joang (Released 19 January 2009)
11. Winnie Mashaba Live in Concert (DVD) Released July 2009)
12. Go Tseba Jehova (Released March 2010)
13. Modimo O Na Le Nna (2011)
14. Bophelo Ke Leeto (2012)
15. The Very Best of Winnie Mashaba Live at State Theatre (2014)

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