SPHEctacula Lyrics

The brand and the man behind it known to us all as SPHEctacula: The Roc’sta DJ, The Unbelievable Mcee, the TV Star and the highly acclaimed Voice Over Artist. The ladies say that the only DJ that ever makes me dance is SPHEctacula and the fellas slink off towards the dancefloor when that big intro drops on the sound system! Yessir, when the party gets ROCKING then u know that SPHEctacula is officially IN the building and setting the decks and the mike on FIRE!!!

Boasting an impressive ten years and counting DJing career, SPHEctacula is a legend that has been sort out by countless priceless DJ LineUps in the country and delivered with an unforgettable “BANG!!” everytime. Earning him the adoration as your favourite DJ’s favourite DJ! SPHEctacula has always been able to play outstanding music in all his favourite genres, these being House, Urban (Hip Hop, Pop and RnB) and Kwaito Music. With that said, he’s also never been shy to experiment outside of this comfort zone when the need arose!

SPHEctacula’s reputation as a partystarter on the mike precedes him by eons and with his professional and ridiculously uncanny ability to drop the right line at the right time, he’s seen himself in high demand as Mcee for Promos, Gargantuan parties and numerous campus gatherings around the country. Welcome to his fan page, the home of all that is SPHEctacula. His thoughts on hot tracks, where he’s burning up the decks and just a glimpse into the mind of this legend will all be shared right here….WITH YOU… So welcome and pls spread the word and invite your friends so we can get cosy. The SPHEctacula train can officially now NOT be stopped.

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