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Patty Monroe plans to take hip hop to the next level by disregarding what’s en vogue. Through her new single, High Fashion, the rapper who was born Megan Steenkamp is embarking on a total takeover.
The single presents a self-aware young woman who demands respect through her raps and rejects the notion that every female rapper must walk the same ramp.

“I have a message, I don’t just want to talk about tits-and-ass. There is a bigger picture. I don’t want to be looked at as a femcee but as an emcee. I can rap and you shouldn’t put me in a different box.”
Patty Monroe was born and raised in Cape Town’s Southfield suburbs. She matriculated in 2013 and now, at just 19-years-old, her street smarts and songwriting skills have seen her acquire a record deal with Afterlife Talent. Currently based in Joburg and also managed by Afterlife Talent, the rapper is working closely with the company to realise the dreams she had when she started rapping.

When Patty Monroe was 15-years-old, she entered The Night Of The Beat Bangaz, a hip hop platform run by the legendary DJ Ready D, DJ Azhul and DJ E-20. She was too young to be eligible to perform but that event inspired this self-described “old soul” to take her fierce flows to higher heights.
To date, Patty Monroe has collaborated with rappers, Miss Cellanious (2010), Malik Gita (2011), Youngsta (2013, 2014) and has been included on a monster collaboration for E-Jay’s 2014 song, ‘Ho$h 2.0’ with Kita Keetz and Ill Skills.

The rapper who is inspired by the likes of MC Lyte and Missy Elliot has roped in producers like Ganja Beats and Blayze to work on a forthcoming, as-yet-untitled project to be released by Afterlife Talent. High Fashion will appear on this project.

While the song initially oozed a sexier vibe, Patty Monroe chose to turn away from trends. Now High Fashion is “more playful and really matches my personality.”

This blonde bombshell wants to model her music after something that isn’t often celebrated: being true to oneself. The colourful entertainer appeared on SA’s Got Talent in 2013 and during the 2012 MTV Base VJ Search, Patty Monroe made it into the Top 25 of the Cape Town auditions phase.
Today, she has come to claim her space in the music industry. “I’m going to be here for a while so you had better listen.” High Fashion is a good place to start.

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