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Neo is a talented and vibrant artist that South Africa needs to be on the lookout for. The ambitious 18 year old musician started making music at the age of 13 with his peers.

His influence as a child came from watching Kwaito legends leading him to be exposed to the Kwaito trend at an early stage. He adapted to the sound and also kept his ear open to various other styles which led him to take interest in the sounds of RnB legends such as R.Kelly and Usher.”

He later allowed hip hop to dominate his style and made a decision to adapt to the hip hop scene. Neo draws inspiration from notable international award winning artists, J.Cole, Drake and more importantly Lil Wayne. Locally he is inspired by Kwaito legend Mdu, Mzekezeke and award winning artist and stable mate Sjava.

Meje decided to stick with his first name “Neo” as his stage name after he was previously recognized as “Meezy”. He let the name “Meezy” go because it didn’t have a deeper meaning than NEO as the definition of Neo is Gift. For the longest period, Neo was making music for the purpose of passion, until it came to a point where he wanted to make it musically viable.

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