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Nomasonto Maswanganyi AKA Mshoza Zola, one of Soweto’s roughest and most notorious townships has, in the past years, made tremors of the musical kind giving birth to the likes of Kwaito godfather M’du in 1992 and continuing to climb the ladder of Kwaito greats with the release of Mandoza’s 9 to 5 Zola South (1999) that changed the musical landscape somewhat.

Mandoza offered an infectious and thought provoking alternative to the formulaic type of Kwaito that had become the norm. And then, from the same street and social fabric that nurtured him, came Zola who, in his own right, re-wrote Kwaito by giving audiences the biggest lesson… that Kwaito is oral history.

Suddenly there was no excuse for unimaginative beats and barren lyrics, Soweto’s roughest neighbourhood surged with new raw talent and even witnessed the inception of child Kwaito star Mzambiya who proved to South Africa’s masses that Zola township was the best kept Kwaito secret… Bulldawgz Records which had brought the country hit-making , charismatic kiddie stars Mzambiya and Msawawa, introduced the country to a female vocalist named Mshoza with her debut album “Bulldawgz First Lady”…

Mshoza is arguably THE female Kwaito artist with the most street credibility Born 1983/07/01 Johannesburg Meadowlands Clinic. Lived with grandparents in Protea North from 1988 who raised me until the age of 19 when my grandmother passed away. I then moved to go live with my mother and step-father in Green Village at the out skirts of Soweto. I have two sister’s Thandi (29) and Seipati (18). My mother is a police officer

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