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Khanyi had always had big dreams and great mind, being raised in a family that celebrated arts with her Grandfather – Mr Babes Mbau (a great saxophonist) – Khanyi was destined to play a role in the arts.

Landing here first television role at the age of 8, on a popular children’s program, Gallooby on CCV, popularly known as SABC 1, today. Thereafter, at the age of 12, presenting a children’s fitness show called Sasko Sam ‘you’re a star’. With the demand of school, she then had to focus on her education.

In 2004 she landed a role on the popular drama series Soul City as Katlego – a popular Soweto girl – not knowing her fortune was about to change. After the tragic shooting of Lindiwe Cibi, who played Doobsie on the popular series called Muvhango, she then went onto the biggest role of her career, playing the troubled villain, Doobsie, on Muvhango. With her personal life taking the lead, she then met Mandla Mthembu and became the tabloid queen – which served as the beginning of her dark days; and, facing the challenges of reality, gave birth to a beautiful little girl Cannes (pronounced as Khan) in 2006.

Surviving abuse, and the many stigmas she had to bear – from controversial statements made by her and the media; she then chose to write a book as a source of healing and reflecting called “Bitch Please I’m Khanyi Mbau” (2011), out selling most celebrity biographies at the time.

Since then the sky has been the limit with her first feature film Happiness is a Four-Letter Word breaking the box office figures. She has gone on to achieve her goals and beyond, conquering our screens, radio waves and social media bigger and better.

Khanyi Mbau; a true life’s lesson on always re-inventing yourself.

“When you’re a creative, you cannot be limited to one thing” – Khanyi Mbau
Khanyi Mbau was signed to record label Mabala noise Entertainment in July 2016. In the first week of August, Mbau announced her first single titled ‘Shake’, a dancehall summer song. Days before the song was set to drop, it became a trending topic on social media with fans declaring their excitement. In less than 16 hours of being available for purchase through iTunes, the single had reached number #7 of the #200 iTunes chart landing her the title of “Queen of Patwa” Mbau’s return to the music industry 6 years after a 2010 self-titled album Khanyi Mbau has definitely been successful and is promising to dominate.

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