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J’Something is a talented songwriter, vocalist and masters the guitar. This sensation began reading music at the tender age of eleven and this is when he first started playing the guitar. He has also worked with a lot of producers in the past including international artists. J’s zest for life and music breaths energy into the band.

J’Something was born in Algarve in Portugal 27 years ago as Joao Da Fonseca now known as J’Something. His family immigrated to the Eastern Cape and later moved to Johannesburg in South Africa, where he worked at Soul Candi as the studio manager. He opted for J’Something as a stage name because most of his friends couldn’t pronounce his name. His love for soul and house music began when he was 13 years old, and was influenced by his idol Michael Jackson.

It might sound far-fetched, but it took himself, Mo-T and Dr. Duda a moment to click and Mi Casa was born. Looking back, it all happened by chance. The trio started performing at an event where Dr. Duda was deejaying, and for some fate, Mo-T decided to join in. I was at the same event as well and they all started free styling. The next thing , Soul Candi approached them and asked if they wanted to form a group and record a debut album.

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