Heavy K Lyrics

Mkhululi Siqula (born 4 December 1991) best known as Heavy K is a record producer and DJ from Veeplaas, in the Eastern Cape province. Mkhululi Siqula wanted to be a doctor or a scientist. This was not very usual for most musicians. His whole life was about school because of the poor neighbourhood he grew up in. But the focus on school changed when his brother sent him to collect movies at a house where a friend was in the middle of a recording session. This was when Heavy K found his passion for music. He taught himself to be a music composer, producer, songwriter and a DJ.

2009–2013: Heavy K and Oskido

In 2009 Heavy K met with Oskido, a legendary producer and DJ who had a major impact on his career. At first Oskido gave him the tip to totally focus on music because of his talent. Oskido also made place in his I Believe program, so that Heavy K could learn to be a better music producer and DJ himself. The two worked together on the big track Woza Nana which was released in 2013.2013–2014: Respect The Drumboss 2013

In early 2013 Heavy K released his first album Respect The Drumboss. He worked together with Bucie on the track Easy To Love. The combination of her beautiful voice and his relaxed beat became a big hit. The video of this track was released and became the best watched South African house music video in 2014.[4]

2015 – present: Respect The Drumboss 2015
In 2015 Heavy K released his second album Respect The Drumboss 2015. He also worked with bigger names such as the Nigerian musician Burna Boy. The first single Sweetie was again great combination. This single made the list of best watched videos of 2015. The album went certified platinum. In 2016 Heavy K released the videos of Drumboss and Umoya

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