Angels Lyrics

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Who y’all? Ain’t got none

Forget that sin that you talking about son

Let them have 9 lives, all I need is one

My flows on big pun, say I weigh a ton

Use to pull jack moves, I was that smooth, that dude

6 foot, bad man! I was that rude

Miss me with that, what! what! Blasphemy you

Don’t need to know you, or your atheist crew

Don’t forget I’m a lyricist, I’m gifted Christmas

Fly over your head rap, but can I get a witness

Can’t put a ring on a promiscuous mistress

Persevere, never lose hope, don’t miss this

Mighty men of God, yet they say we roll in cheap cars

Carolina Ford tracer, paint jobs cream y’all

Fool yes of course you eat, cause he feeds y’all

I think he should buy a kennel cause he breeds y’all

And every time he dials, Ima answer each call


I’m protected By the Angels

I’m a different man (yeah) I changed bro

God gave me a halo

I hope I get everything. I pray for


I pray for blessings pouring down from the sky’s,

lord let me rain make it thunder before I die,

open the eyes of the blind so they can visualize

a better life filled with Christ make your people wise

I remember 2 years ago December I used to be a sinner

now I’m truly a winner,

you made me change my ways

i never stayed the same and you erased the pain

because of Jesus name

Through his blood I believe in the trinity

If you worship, you will live till infinity

Gods purpose is filled with delivery,

he is the missing key to set you free just get down on your knees,

he will meet your needs

something you should know

the devil is defeated just keep him down below

I be on this road, my father is in control

Jesus please just take the wheel baby here we go


I’m protected by the Angels

I’m a different Man (yeah) I changed bro

God gave me a halo

I hope I get Everything I pray for


I pray for them I wonder why they don’t for me

I care for them I wonder why they don’t for me

I smile with them I wonder why they cuss at me

I talk with them walk call them my family

I used to do it too

we used be a crew

I said a prayer

truth or dare yeah I chose to care

Papa died mama cried devil told a lie

I wonder why

like Stevie had a blind eye

Sometimes I cry when I think about that night

Did you know – that’s why you never let me drive

Did You call – or the devil told another lie


I never thought I’d make it out alive


I bet he thought the same about Christ


Innocent and laid to die


On the 3rd day He was alive

Laid to die so that you and I could have life… Love


I’m protected by the Angels

I’m a different Man (yeah) I changed bro

God gave me a halo

I hope I get everything I pray for

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