Watch It! Lyrics by By DeanFM

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Watch It! Lyrics by  By DeanFM

Chorus:// 2X
Watch, the bus
Sass the punch
I lack the butch
But grab the clutch

Verse 1:
Burst on the rhythm.
Real no fibbing.
Looking like i lead em
but, the chick clique need em.
On the lipstick tea.
Little lisp indeed.
Take a listen please.
Still talking with the speed
How you gonna plead
when i roll my sleeve?.
How you gonna eat
If the Queen don’t feed
How you gonna beat this Flow, Thats WOW!
How u gonna win,
If you don’t get out!? Wile out!
Git down, Bow Down!
Bossy! Pa pow.
“Get out her house”
Fools, tell up and down-
We be go getters
on the prowl.
Here to obtain my
Crown, town.
Take a towel
Cause the
Best don’t rest now,
I make em flinch, and
do without a hitch.
Whit whit with the whit
Do dance in a fit
Slick stuff what i spit
Bundled in a kit
Tundra my mind,
Abundance in kind,
Took holy signs
Blessed in my rhymes
Tested the times
Now i’m alive
Goals in the mind
Tempted to find
That beat that can make me fly…
That i love like a valentine,
I, I, pull up, pull up
To the club like “what up!”
Got the flawless features
The rugged room, lit up

Chorus//: 2x

Verse 2:
Smart, I, protect my part
I’ve been blunt, too tart
For they sweet troubled heart
Been the, unreal like
I punch it feel right
Rap it real nice
Ya loop it all night.
How they have sight?
When the bling too bright!
Im chiller than ice
To hear ya enticed
And how they gone bight me
I’m a steep pike
Take yo time type
Still a bitter one bite
Now light the fire
Check a liar,
Don’t be shy
Fight the power
Looking like a developing
Seed of malevolent
Dean got the fm
Tunes like xm
Null if they nix him
Cute in the pics, been.
Served up hot
For my fan’s no cost
Put on little gloss
People can talk but
Tongues start to frost
Words get loss

Chorus//: 2x

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