Mcy Ghost – Hustle it (The Story MixTape) Lyrics

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This is m*ther f**king gost

i got hustle nigga


Lil Moniez (was coming)




always been getting shot hustling my game thru.

all sh*t brewed out by 18 became the main crew like main shoe.

bullsh*t started nigga h*e I lost clue.

never fight fair Bro this world will take the fake proof.


I’m old now did it for my fam my dates became due.

got the taste working hard for money got damn cooked.

I know the feeling nigga of putting on the table dam stew.

so unbelievable when u later break the fake truth.


ho*s used to be shy but Check now they say damn wooo.

I’m so dangerous I put my teeth out like a dam wolf…..!!.

they need proof I just roll my dollar like a dam roof.

nobody got my style I send em to dam school.


I’m grown now haters likes M*ther f#%kers slow down.

mama raised no fool  grandma raised a soldier.

G7 Lil Moniez put it capital put it make love

niggaz wish me to go down they smile showing fake love

never trust anybody people will bullsh*t on your face

run fast as fast on blank create a trace

it won’t be easy to get to your dream but its worthy the wait

keep on the chase we all go thru the damn phases.


putting the vows in bows like ready to break the walls

focus leave distraction sh*t served for stupid falls

bow on your knees pray to the lord he increase the Grace

u never know when its time for u to get rehearsed.


all go to the top from the ground win the race

chair to seat respect no man sh*t ain’t fake

I know the struggle ni*ga…straight

wit torn trouse lookin for works all the h*es left flat

nigga had to look for plan B had to make cents

had to sell sh*t not tick

didn’t wanna end up in cells

in case sh*t goes down born to race but too many gun cases

people thru… low run place.


the choices people make a lot can’t be shown

better do sh*t fellows before u get destroyed.


M%ther f#cking bullshittt hunting for souls demoined

offered keys the rr y wasn’t easy to deny it

got confused bullshit I was like a Boyd

thinking of wat I wanted n the life I thought

tables turned around started rappin going north

money got unnoticed life changed Jesus Christ was born



Lord God!! I lost so many years.

The world laughed at me thought I was mad.

Yeah!! I lost so many friends

ashamed of who I was I’m back like massive rains.



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