Shekhinah- Into The Jungle Lyrics

Lyrics For Into The Jungle by Shekhinah

like a few trees and a light breeze
and some sightseeing
and I’m yours, I’m yours yeah
I like it yeah

But I like it
I kinda kinda like it

Not a new thing, just a new scene with a old feel
down in the jungle yeah
down in the jungle
You know how it feels yeah
you know how it feels yeah
down in the jungle yeah
down in the jungle yeah
No need to rehearse, we let the nature reduce our stress yeah
The simpler the pleasure the best
I don’t give into the rest

[Chorus ]

ride die die
cause you my ride die die
till we touch the sky i i
you’ll be mi i i ne
like a few like a few

will we never make another trip down to the city for what we wanna do
A quiet space is more the place that we can get a taste of outta space
And I’m so sure yeah
more than before
So into the jungle we crawl yeah
You can be the Prince I’m the princesses
I’m waiting on your word on a white dress
I’m struggling to say the words Goodnight
When I
You don’t really want me outta sight
And I
I do better when I’m by you side
Yeah you know yeah
Together we flow

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