Lyrics: MarazA – Where They At Lyrics Ft Ginger Breadman & Summertime CANE

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Where They At Lyrics by MarazA Ft Ginger Breadman & Summertime CANE

Izinja zami run the city right now
Get the yack get the yack
Izitha zami ain’t nowhere to be found
Where they at where they at
Tell em bitch I just got off the phone with the jeweler
I fucking up the room
Niggas busting up the tune
I was killing them before I had the two cups
You don’t wanna see the swing baby
Don’t test me right now (x4)

[Verse 1: Ginger Trill]
I don’t even know what I am on
I’m on my level, I’m in my zone
This ain’t something you should try at home
I’m wavy as fuck and you dry as a bone
I thought they rocking designer
I found out hey jocking Desiigner
And biting his flows
Most of these niggas who’s telling these kids
They the kings man ain’t even got a style of their own
Turn on the TV and all I heard was Gwan
I hit Raza like… you watchin’ the clones!
He dropped the jewel on me
Then dropped a grip on the jewellery
That was so new to me oh
Parts of this life like a movie scene
People who never knew me can’t get used to me
Soundin’ like a nigga rich or he’s soon to be
Hate’s just msunery


[Verse 2: Maraza]
I wanna make your mama say prayer
I’m bringing death to all of my nay sayers
Make all of their dames lay us
Fuck all of your lame favours
The beat is in my heart
You should order a pacemaker
But fuck it as long as the fame pay us
I’m taking all the bucks
Bitch I’m leaving no dear up on ?
Shed no tear when they hate us
‘Cause I shatter most ears when they play us
Y’all play yourselves
How the fuck you gon compete with a complete compost heap
I’m the shit and the manure bitch
I’m the reason that these niggas change their homo teeth
And don’t sleep, they tryna find a cure bitch, I’m sick
These niggas tried to test me kanti abang’yazi
Fucked around and dropped a bomb on ’em, Nagasaki
Bitch my bread is too trill for the whole gang
I let the nigga Cocane take the whole thing


[Verse 3: Summertime Cane]
Fly guy edict, fine dime fetish
When I fly by, birds get so wide-eyed
Swag just be killing it
I’m the connect call me WiFi
Leave a mess when I drive by call that drive by
I’m high enough to give God a young high five
And dab St Peter, he surprised that I stopped by
These Air Jordan’s make me shy, I’m a nice guy
I mean the swag is just mean, I’m a nice guy
Reeboks baby, white T top
Looking cocaine, wrist got this young Gs shocked baby
Please stop hating ’cause I got these streets locked
Give the block a heat wave and make the beef stop, gravy
Let a young nigga stack paper
Say a young prayer as the swag dripping
As the swag drips you catch vapours nigga
Let a young nigga stack paper
I be fresh to the socks she gon let me baps later


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