Emtee- We Up Lyrics

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We Up Lyrics by Emtee

From the village life, to the township.
From the township, to the city life.
We about to move to the ‘burbs on these n1ggas.

Uya khumbula mgane wame
Besthatela phansi
Basi dlele mona (x2)
Cause we up
Bethe cup
And we up
Basazi dlele mona
Cause we up
Bethe cup
So we up
Basazi dlele mona

[Verse 1]
How you like me now (washa)
I see you brightening now
Lames wanna fight me now
Lets get it fede I’m down
Thata ma chance you kidding me
When everyone is saying they feeling me
There’s no way I’ll let you belittle me
I don’t play you know literally.
Wake up and realize that I’m really nice
And I killed the mic tryna do it right
You a fake ass, you a hating ass, got no life (?)
Tryna gate crash? Where your gate pass?
Why you so loud my n1gga


[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
I’m about to release
I’m just trying to get the cheese
Take the baby mama overseas
Save money for my son’s needs
Me in the studio for some greese

I know I ain’t never had it easy (oh no)
Now I got some strangers tryna reach me
Been through it all, there ain’t nothing you can teach me
Voluntary b1tches tryna please me
B1tches were never around
Look now I’m holding it down
I’m probably running this town
Haters ain’t making a sound

[Repeat Bridge]

[Repeat Chorus]

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