Buffalo Souljah – Bomboboy Lyrics ‪#‎Burnaboydiss‬

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Bomboboy Lyrics ‪#‎Burnaboydiss‬ by Buffalo Souljah

yo gT let me reload
Ah wa do Di fok boy.
It’s time to settle it straight up.


Him try to over throne the king
Him haffi know this ar God anointing.
Ain that aronic that him put ar nose ring .
Like me.
It’s plain to see.
The bwoy idolise me.
It ain hard to see.
That the wanna be me.

The bwoy ar my imitation.
him even went buy dreadlock extension.
Di same Angolan bwoys you went to seek protection .
ar my yeoville connection. Dema Di ones gimme inside information.
How do you think i got yo location. Thank God im a Christian.
Otherwise I’ll be singing like Mama Mama I just shot a bwoy down .
So bitch nigga when you see me come around like Beyonce better bow down.
Him name Burna but himno bos nothin
Dis one no be beef to me dis na jus vegan.
Ar me start badman ting me bad from den .
Ar you ar claim bad but you bad from when.
You wan end yo career when you jus Begun.
What happened to the A Team.gang
Dem done gang bang you I guess you no sweet again.
I thought you was Mr T.
Even Aka and Dales come meet me clear de name. Tell Demwa for fit Di ting.
Demno wan war wit the King.no.Demno no . Demwan War .Dem just wan peace with the king.


I’m Tony Mantana.

Top Shotta me Bos me gun like say hakula Matata.

I’m Tony Montana

10 time award winner ana me put the Swagga ina Ragga.

Tony Montana.

Africa rank me the king of African dance hall like Shabba.

Bwoy me see say you ar bomboclaat.
Bwoy me say you ar Bomboclaat.

Ca when me Bos me Gun bwoy ago run like thief run from police.
Bwoy i take God beg you don’t make me commit.
Ca when me Bos me Gun the Bombo bwoy ar go run gwan “wer him de wer him de .
The bwoy no wer to be found.
I remember when you used sing I beg I beg wen you still de humble.
Com meet humility and dj waxxy to jam you.
Ana me used to beg dj Waxxy to jam you.
I used to tell dem dat I like the guy style coz e Different from di Nija up tempo.
Ana me gave dance hall mouth to mouth .
Is this the modafucken thanks I get.
Ana me take bullet for this sound.
Is this the modafucken thanks I get.
The drugs run Di bwoy mad .
Him confuse me for maga.
Him no kno man Tupac Bad.
The war meya bring is ar Hitler war.
I’m the original king Don Dada.
you dont derseve the title you Don Nada.
You claim say you 25 but you look older .
Me hear say yo edge na lie bwoy you alter .
Said you gwan this far coz you got a blessor.
I’m my own chairman na Baba God bless I.
I hear picaso hold yo. Ca you kno wan pay debt.
Bwoy i see dem come n go but i still de rain .
Casala go bod for here
Casala go bos for here .
Him try to over throne the king.


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