Billy x Khanyi – Our Year Lyrics (Prod. By Phoenix)

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{Hook – Khanyi}:
[Be our year
Yeah it’s gonna be
our year
Said it’s gonna be
our year
They gon’ notice
that we are here
Cause it’s gonna
Be our year] x2
{Verse I – Billy}:
Last year
was a good year
So this year gon’
be our year
Last year
we shed tears
So this year
we gon’ celebrate
Our mournings’ over
and joy is here
Last year
we lost cash
This year
we’ll make it all back
100 fold, no joke
Last year
didn’t find love
But I messed around
with a few girls
And learnt lessons
about females
Last year
my sister and I
Damn we struggled
Became an uncle
for the first time
I found love at first sight
When I saw my niece
We call her Peace
I named her that
It’s our year
{Hook -Khanyi}
{Verse II – Billy}:
It’s our year
It’s our time
It’s ’bout time
It’s been years
On this grind
Working hard
With no results
We didn’t give up
On the dream
That phase was
Just a trial
I think of it as practice
We moving on
Way past it
Can’t stop us
It’s too late
It’s years our
It’s gon’ be our year
Every year
For 5 years
Cause there’s
5 of us
Diss one
Diss of us
You don’t want trouble
With none with none of us
We dangerous
Got lethal raps
Killer beats
Nevas, man
Is a death squad
We bad boys
With lethal weapons
Making music
Then smart moves
Like we playing chess
One step ahead
We in the lead
We never fail
Cause we succeed
We go beyond
Man, we exceed
Any limit they set before us
Some believe
But many doubt
We don’t worry
We doing us
It’s our year
{Hook – Khanyi}

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